The right fabric for your furniture

How to choose the right fabric for your furniture

Furniture not only adds aesthetics to space but is most important to complement other features in the room. Hence, knowing how to choose the right fabric for your furniture is a vital point to note to achieve a long-lasting and visually appealing fabric choice. However, to achieve this, one must know the right color combinations for their furniture to blend into the space.

Therefore, it is essential to not only go for a fabric that is visually stunning but also one with high quality and durability. Although the fabric’s color is a vital characteristic, there are other factors to consider, such as style, fade-resistance, maintenance, cost, and designs. With these considerations, one can easily narrow down their choices and make a quicker purchase.

This guide will highlight some key factors essential in making the right choice for furniture fabrics. Read on!

Factors to consider before choosing a fabric type for your furniture

Before one opts out of purchasing an item of furniture, it is vital to consider some important factors which will help the buyer make the best choice. There are as follows:


One of the main reasons people buy fabric for their furniture is because they want to add a touch of style to the interior of their home. Another reason could also be to upgrade the existing interior style. Whatever the reason is, it is essential to choose a fabric that compliments not only the piece of furniture but also the house’s interior décor. 

The fabric choice should be in harmony with the style and character of the piece it is covering. If one uses a traditional frame, the best fabric will be one with a conventional theme. However, if a person has a sense of adventure and knows how to mix colors, they will be better off throwing in a mix of colors. Incorporating the colors will add originality to the space and make it stand out from basic home designs. For example, a geometric design on the back of a chair is perfect for a contemporary room. 

Toughness and Strength of the Fabric

While this factor may depend on the piece of furniture, the toughness and durability of fabric will also determine how long it will last in a home. Also, one must consider the part of the home where the furniture will be placed, as well as the people who will be using the furniture. 

If the furniture is to be shared with children or pets, it is best to consider getting a fabric that can resist extra wear and tear. Likewise, one should also consider the frequency in which the furniture will be used, daily or once in a while.


The choice of color is often the first thing people look out for when buying furniture. The right color has a significant impact on creating the perfect interior design. For most people, color acts as more than just a dye placed on the fabric. It is an essential communication tool that can influence emotional reactions. Therefore, the user should assess the kind of mood they are trying to create when going for a particular fabric color. If the color cannot brighten one’s mood, it’s not worth the value. 

Apart from choosing colors to suit one’s emotions, it is a vital role to assess the color options before purchase. One needs to ensure that the choice of color is one they can live with for a long time because of the high cost of changing the furniture fabric if it is not acceptable. Thus, match the colors with other items in the home like rugs, throw pillows, and mats. This will go a long way in giving the home a distinct and terrific look. 


The piece of furniture’s size should determine the pattern on the chosen fabric. If it’s a small piece of furniture, then a large pattern would be a mismatch and vice versa. Also, if the room one intends to place the furniture in is small, smaller patterns on the fabric would be a better match.


Maintenance is a critical factor to note when faced with how to choose the right fabric for your furniture. How well one can maintain a fabric will determine how long it will last in the home. If the material is the kind that would give difficulty in wiping off stains, then it shouldn’t be an option.


When choosing a fabric, it is best to select one whose style does not conflict with the design of other materials in the home. If one prefers to look casual, choose a design that suits your personality. Also, if one loves to make a bold statement, decide on the fabric choice that fits the desired look. In terms of importance, choosing the best design is ranked right at the top with selecting the best color. It is important to remember that not all seaters can pull off the same design. For example, a two-seater sofa will need a different design from a three-seater sofa. 


If one uses their sofas to entertain a large family, then a patterned design will do better at hiding accidental spills from kids. However, if the sofa is meant for just one person, then choosing classier colors such as white is the option. It may also be worth it to invest in easily removable covers. 


Although it is easy to choose fabrics based on their unique designs, however, it is crucial to carefully select a fabric that will not fade within a short time. Some factors like the dying process, dye color, or material make-up can contribute to the fabric’s fading. 


Elements like exposure to constant sunlight, water, or dirt can cause the fabric to fade. Hence, one should ensure the fabric can withstand such conditions. Also, the area where the furniture would be placed can contribute to fabric fading. If exposure to sunlight is necessary, go for fade resistance or darker fabric colors.

Cost Implication

The cost implication of fabric will depend on various factors such as location, quality, and design. So, before one even starts to consider color and style, it is essential to check how deep their pockets are. A more resistant fabric to wear and tear will surely be more expensive than a lighter option. People living alone can save money by choosing a fabric that isn’t very expensive because they can control how long it will last. However, people with kids and pets should go for tougher and ultimately expensive fabrics. 

With a cheaper fabric, the choice of color will be limited to just a handful. In contrast, those with a bigger budget can even have materials customized with a wide variety of color options. The cost implication is how much the buyer is willing to spend. 

Ease Of Cleaning 

There is no doubt that a sofa will suffer stains from time to time. If one will need to clean their sofa regularly, they can opt for a washable fabric such as cotton. If the fabric material is blended, then the cleaning of the couch will have to be done by a professional. The composite fabric includes; cotton-linen or cotton-wool mix. It is important to check the fabric blend and how they react to the washing machine before purchasing one. Also, note that different materials react to water differently. Hence, a complex fabric blend is more likely to shrink in the washing machine. 


Texture and durability are two factors that should be considered simultaneously. Different fabrics will have varying textures based on material, thread count, etc. The option of texture in the sofa fabric market is unlimited, so people should take their time finding the one with the best texture. When considering texture, one should consider the durability and how the fabric will compress over time. The buyer can ask for samples before making a final choice. For example, luxurious blends are best used in rooms that are rarely used, while a piece of smooth cotton fabric is best used in rooms with regular traffic of pets and small children. 


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